Contact The Circle Nerdz

Would you like for us to perform a show for your event? Interested in learning more about hip hop and bboying/bgirling? You've come to the right place! Below is our contact information if you would like to book us for a performance, reserve a class, or just say hello!

Charity and Community Involvement

Community is important and so is the opportunity to spread knowledge of the hip hop culture. Charity is the glue that brings these two together. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding fundraisers and other charitable causes that you would like to add something fresh and exciting to. We are great at getting kids and adults involved, and boosting the overall energy of an event!

Dance Workshops

Through knowledge, anything can be achieved and the "Each one, teach one" philosophy is one we live by. If you would like us to come share our knowledge and help your group/community learn the element of bboying, get ahold of us now! We are always interested in sharing the skills and experiences we have. Topics available in our workshops are as follows:

History Of Hip Hop

  • Discussion on the origins of hip hop and important events and people that have shaped what it is today.

Applied Knowledge

  • Basics: toprock, go downs, downrock, freezes
  • Style: An expansion on basic bboy moves with a focus on expressing individuality through expression by movement.
  • Power: Advanced dance moves that are typically more acrobatic in nature than basic moves (windmills, headpins, flares, turtles, hand glides, 90's, 2000's, etc...)

Dance Performances

We are available to perform for your events almost anywhere! Please be kind and make requests far enough in advance so that we can take off work at our jobs and arrange for transportation!

Private Dance Lessons

If you aren't yet comfortable with group workshops or you would like a more focused one on one lesson with one of us, we are available for private lessons. Our crew members are spread throughout Ohio so we are available in multiple locations. If you are interested in private lessons and have transportation to one of the following cities, we would be happy to arrange private lessons at one of our practice spots:

  • Dayton, OH
  • Denver, CO

Contact Information

Dayton, OH

Phone: (937) 789-3728 (ask for Vincibility)
Facebook: CircleNerdz Page

Denver, CO

Phone: (419) 419-8312 (ask for Floorology)
Facebook: CircleNerdz Page